God’s Peace


As you were drawing your last breaths,

I made an altar on your body,

Stuffing your hands full with raisins.

You would have plenty to eat as you journeyed.


Your last breath, 3:54am

Another came 3 minutes later surprising me.


A spacious medical suite overlooking the bay,

We could see the hospital of your birth from our



I sat in the dark, cross-legged

A high backed cushioned chair

Next to your bed

Listening for you.


I didn’t experience much

When I let go of my wanting to

I sensed you.

Quiet , dark and deep

To my right.


The months of sickness began to ebb,

I remembered

Who you really are

And why I softly fell in love.


Our connection was nurturing and sweet,

Quiet and deep.

It took me time to trust it.


As I sat in the dark,

I remembered how your presence calmed me.

The first time we cuddled,

Fully dressed,

We feel asleep in each other’s arms.


The first time I stepped into your home,

Higher up in the mountains,

Surrounded by tall trees,

Peace enveloped me.


I have many Jeffrey’s in my life.

“What number am I?,  you asked and I laughed.

Well, both wasbands have your name,

My son ‘s middle name is that,

My grandson is Jeffrey and

then our Atlantean spiritual brother too.


We called you Jeffrey the Sixth.


You have some weird pattern some have commented.

Jeffrey means  “God’s Peace”, I tell them.

This is what you are for me.




4 thoughts on “God’s Peace

  1. Jeffs Peace – intimate, revealing and so full of love for a gentle soul that I was blessed with meeting. Such a beautiful piece of poetry! Keep sharing your life and art with me. Love Ellen


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