Oh Honey,

Please come back.

For one hour,

Just one hour.


I need to hear your soft voice,

I need you to lie with me, hold me,

Be with me.

For one hour,

That shouldn’t be too hard.


“At the end of January he died”, I told them,

Not “his body died” as I was saying before.

My breath caught,

You were gone.


I forced myself to go out as evening descended,

Shuffling along,

Dragging the heaviness of me

Towards the lake.


You were using the power of my desire,

As the pulsating pale apricot sun moved slowly to mate with the evergreen mountaintop.

Now sitting next to me

On that fallen tree.


Looking up into your loving brown eyes,

Sobbing grabbed at my chest and throat.

It hurt more to see you.


Looking towards the lake,

I told you how hard life was since you left,

There was always so much to do.

Each night, as I leave work, the hollowness appears.

No one will be home to receive me,

You wouldn’t be there to share about our day, laugh with me or help me sort things out.


I cried and cried,

The water gratefully absorbing my grief.


Sunday, June 19th, 2016








2 thoughts on “One Hour

  1. Fierce Visceral Truth of the most intimate nature. Are you daring me to connect, even when this lies at the heart of hearts? I am stunned. I am moistened. Today, I am made human and made humane. Thank you. A guiding light of truth. An inspiration to hold me in my body. A realization of personal power. Grief is teacher. Thank you for this morning blessing that I can carry with me into my day, my week, my life.


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