In the late 90’s I encountered a cat on someone’s lawn as I was walking along a country road.  Quickly I realized this animal was far from domestic and way too large.  The feline stood absolutely still and assured 15 feet away watching me.  The streaked gray-brown body was perpendicular to mine but her black tufted head was turned as she looked into my eyes with her lynxy-yellow witchy ones.  Her supernatural power riveted me on that late summer afternoon and that power continues to transude within me.

The following poem was written when I was younger as that wild and free part of my soul continued to be awakened but this time by the presence of a human male life had sent my way.


Did you see the bobcats as we walked?

Staying off the paved trail

Both preferred the narrower paths less travelled

Soil under our feet, partially hidden by the bushes.


Did you see the bobcats?

I could feel them,

They were everywhere……..


Whispering galaxies

and spirals of light we can bring to this place.

How love can be transcendental.

How a man and a woman,

Fully surrendered to Life and each other

The bed becomes an altar

A portal to the mysterious.


Did you feel the bobcats?

The covens of witches throughout the ages

The magic, the fairydust, the sparkles you throw in front of me?


They told me my feelings are real

Why I think of you all the time

Why you keep coming to me.

How you are with me even when I can’t see you.


I am wild, I can bewitch men.

You have that power over women.

Use it wisely my friend,

like Rama did.


True power goes both ways

It can bless or it can kill.


I am a mystic my friend,

My home is not here and I need you

I need to look in your eyes

I want to go home more.


You want to settle and have your freedom,

You are like me in that way,

The Christian dream designed to kill women.


Did you see the bobcats or just feel them?

Egyptian temples.

Did you feel the oneness this time?

Sitting on that boulder, a small lake

Leaned into each other?


You said this was huge,

You needed to explore slowly,

“What should we do”, you asked?

“Let’s just feel it okay?”, I softly replied to you.


We had prayed for this,

We came for this,

We didn’t realize it would take all of us.


You said it would be windy later

But it was perfect then.



3 thoughts on “Bobcats

      1. More comes with reflection. Curious insight into human nature. Your poem leads me to explore the boundary between the feral and civilized aspects of human affairs. Always, in relationship, I have sought to tame, to temper, and moderate using formal agreements, vows, and promises of various types and appeals to reason and duty. Perhaps this method of approaching relationship has been bound to fail, precisely because it negates something quite basic in the design, this feral or wild thing. Nothing tamed will ever sustain, your poems scream, “life force is chaotic”, which is an unnerving as it is attractive.


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