My third visit to the huge pyramid complex of Teotihuacan in central Mexico inspired the poem below.  The recent journey was lead by the multi-dimensional shaman, journey guide, musician and perpetual entertainer Francis Rico.  This writing arose on the second day of our pilmgrimage and our quietly profound experience at the “Women’s Quarters” complex.  It had been only two months since my partner Jeff Shield’s body had died.

It is You

I came here grieving and disheartened,

Longing in some ways for death

To take me in her arms,

So I could come home

To fully be with you/You.


They say we should be grateful for this body,

They say living in this world is a gift.

He says I was given to this place,

My king-friend told me long ago

I am a blessing for this world.


Today we walked down into an ancient place

Where the women would gather to give birth.

Deep into the Mother I peered

And crying began.


It is You who love me,

It is You who asked me to come,

I am so grateful.









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