It is You

It is You

My third visit to the huge pyramid complex of Teotihuacan in central Mexico inspired the poem below.  The recent journey was lead by the multi-dimensional shaman, journey guide, musician and perpetual entertainer Francis Rico.  This writing arose on the second day of our pilmgrimage and our quietly profound experience at the “Women’s Quarters” complex.  It had been only two months since my partner Jeff Shield’s body had died.

It is You

I came here grieving and disheartened,

Longing in some ways for death

To take me in her arms,

So I could come home

To fully be with you/You.


They say we should be grateful for this body,

They say living in this world is a gift.

He says I was given to this place,

My king-friend told me long ago

I am a blessing for this world.


Today we walked down into an ancient place

Where the women would gather to give birth.

Deep into the Mother I peered

And crying began.


It is You who love me,

It is You who asked me to come,

I am so grateful.









Teotihuacan: Where Humans Become Divine

Teotihuacan: Where Humans Become Divine

 I had been to this pyramid complex in central  Mexico twice before with two separate naugals (Toltec for shamans) and had a wide variety of profound spiritual experiences.  One the first trip the naugal was male and the second group had been lead by a woman.  The tone of the each of this excursions were completely different.  I was soon to embark on my now third trip lead by Francis Rico who was buddies with the other shamans I had traveled with.  I suspect I will share my internal and external  adventures with you of these three trips sometime in the future.  You can read about this 2,000 year old “enlightenment university” below.

About Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan, an ancient sacred city of magical plazas, temples and pyramids in the mountains northeast of what is now Mexico City, was founded at the site of a very unusual cave – a cave with four chambers, shaped like a four-leafed clover. Revered by shaman, healers and seers for the powerful energies that emanated from it, this site became known as “the place where man becomes God.”

Sick and injured people from many different tribes and regions were brought to the cave for healing. People set aside their differences and conflicts at Teotihuacan, and collaborated as caretakers of one of the world’s most magical sacred places.

Over thousands of years, the original small mound that marked the cave grew to become the great Pyramid of the Sun. What originally was a small healing center flowered and became a large university city, dedicated to preserving and continuing the wisdom traditions of healing and awakening. Art, music, pottery, practical science, medicine, and spirit were all cultivated, and a rich and dynamic culture evolved in the presence of the mysterious energy at Teotihuacan.

The Toltecs

The community of healers, seers, shaman, educators, artists and scientists that directed the vibrant growth of Teotihuacan over the centuries were called “Toltecs” – a term that in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, meant “craftsmen of the highest level,” or “artists of spirit.”

The Toltecs were not a single tribal or cultural group – they came from a great many different ethnic and linguistic peoples who recognized the healing powers at Teotihuacan. The Toltecs were educators and guides – master artists of spirit and guardians of the living legacy of mystical teachings and practices that survive to this day.



What’s in a name?

The original name of this sacred city is lost in antiquity. The most literal translation of Teotihuacan from Nahuatl is: “”place of those who have the road (“the way”) of the gods.”

Nahuatl is a verb-oriented language, describing everything as dynamic flowing actions. Based on ancient memories of a time long before the Aztec civilization, Teotihuacan was described as the place where divinity awakens from within – “the place where one awakens to God.”

Modern day Toltec guides continue to bring pilgrims to Teotihuacan to experience the magical energy that supports awakening – a presence as powerful today as it was thousands of years ago. Many people describe this as a feeling of greatly increased transparency – as if the veils of reality were thinner. Many people experience increased clarity, along with a deep abiding peace that supports the awakening of the joyful authentic Self.

Avatars of Teotihuacan

There are a number of sacred beings that are revered as the spiritual guardians of Teotihuacan: the first being the Great Goddess – the mother of all creation. As the divine feminine, the Great Goddess gives birth and renewal to all beings, and Teotihuacan’s powers flow from her heart.

Her embodied presence in Teotihuacan is Chalchiuhticue, the goddess of the waters of life, of child birth, of the flow of life into manifestation – her most ancient representation is still present as the guardian of the Temple of the Moon. Her companion is Tlaloc, called the god of rain and wind, the fertilizing masculine potency.

Archetypal human beings are also active sacred presences – Mixcoatl, a star being, representative of the Milky Way – the heavens above, and his earthly conquest and wife, Chimalma – the mother of the great avatar of Teotihuacan’s active energetic presence Quetzalcoatl, and his sister, Chicacoatl who has recently re-emerged as an profoundly active harmonizing presence.

Quetzalcoatl – the feathered serpent – is the most well known presence at Teotihuacan, because the imagery that depicts him is profoundly striking. His mysterious image is an ancient metaphor for a being that is in alignment with the love that the heart of the Great Goddess expresses for her children in all dimensions and realities.

Quetzalcoatl is simultaneously the serpent of the underworld and the eagle flying high above the earth – and is a model of one who is fully realized, balanced and in alignment in each of the lower, middle and upper worlds.

There were many additional avatars included in the council of the gods gathered at Teotihuacan, these include: Tezcatlipoca – the “Smoking Mirror” – patron of the Toltec teachings, and many other agricultural, forest, animal spirit and other gods – including, eagles, jaguars, butterflies, hummingbirds and ocean creatures – each representing an aspect of the divine presence.

The Two-headed Snake

Teotihuacan’s symbol was a depiction of a two-headed snake – not a physical possibility, but a metaphoric depiction of spiraling energy in motion, that like the Great Goddess, mysteriously consumes and gives birth simultaneously. This ancient image is a “diagram” depicting an indescribable process – a way of making sense of a place unlike anywhere on earth.

In Teotihuacan, a dynamic process of progressive discarding of ones physical, emotional, mental and spiritual identities occurs – until only the essence remains, that spark of divine life at the center of all beings. After this essence was revealed, it was then returned back into the manifest world – as one’s true identity – a unique and magnificent being of light, joyful and radiant.

At Teotihuacan, one enters the body of the snake and spirals through fields of intelligent Light, and then is voiced, or birthed back into manifestation – as Essence, as the gift of Creation to creation.

Physical layout of Teotihuacan

The city has a single broad avenue running the length of the site – called in Spanish “the Avenue of the Dead” – a name translated from the Nauhuatl “Miccoatli” – meaning “the serpent way of the dead” or “the serpent passage through death” – describing of the process of Teotihuacan as a passage through intelligent fields of energy.

From the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl at the south end of the avenue, to the Pyramid of the Moon at the far north end, the avenue proceeds through multiple plazas and is flanked by temples on either side. Two-thirds of the way down the avenue stands the massive Pyramid of the Sun, over the original cave that was the point of origination of the entire complex.


This writing was received from Francis Rico, musician, talented shamanic healer and founder of or connect with him through Facebook.